Troop T Centennial Coin

October 24, 2016

Troop T is perhaps the most unique Troop in the State Police. Construction began on the New York State Thruway in 1952. Members of the State Police were assigned to patrol the newly constructed super highway. What began as the “Thruway Detail” was officially designated as “Troop T” in 1961.
Troop T’s challenge coin is a representation of its history and vast area its Members patrol. A unique feature of Troop T, illustrated by the red line, is that it spans the entire length of New York State. The Troop is comprised of four linked zones beginning with the “Tarrytown” zone, which covers the Lower Hudson Valley. To the north, and covering the Capitol Region is the “Albany” zone, which leads west to Central New York. There, the “Syracuse” zone takes over. And finally, ending at the state line is the “Buffalo” zone, which patrols the Western New York region.
In total, the Members of Troop T patrol 570 miles of roadway which encompasses 20 counties and 125 cities, towns, and villages.
Available for purchase December 2016!