Troop F Centennial Coin

October 24, 2016

The black and white photo dubbed "the Walden Incident" is an iconic image that has not only won several top awards but also became a symbol of heroism and bravery of the New York State Troopers across the state and nation.
In it, Trooper Andrew F. Lustyik, who retired as First Sergeant of Troop F, leads two burglary suspects, who were escaped prisoners from Lewisburg, PA, Federal Prison, to an awaiting Trop car in the 1960. Lustyik's facial expression is the grim visage of justice and his grip is the iron grip of the law as he propels the men to his car. Moments before the photo was taken Lustyik had apprehended a third escapee with the assistance of Walden, NY Police Chief Townsend Cocks.
The action photo and accompanying story both won "First Place in the 1960 News Photographers and Writers Contest of the New York State Press Association." The prize-winning photograph was taken by the late Walden "Citizen Herald" newspaper editor Raymond J. Dulye.
Available for purchase December 2016!