Troop C Centennial Coin

October 24, 2016

The Troop C Coin depicts one of the Troop’s legendary Rough Riders in a posture of remembrance and mourning for fallen Members. Troop C’s Rough Riders Horse Team were internationally famous for their daredevil stunts and incomparable horsemanship and fearlessness. Like all Troop C Members, the Rough Riders rode spotted mounts, giving the Troop its nickname as The Spotted Horse Troop. The exclusive use of these distinctive American Paint horses was the concept of the first troop commander, Captain Daniel E. Fox, who traveled to the distant Crow Indian Reservation in Montana to personally select the horses for his men. The coin honors the memory of the fabled Rough Riders, the pioneering work and courage of our early Members, and our eternal remembrance of our fallen brother and sisters.
Available for purchase December 2016!