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April 17, 2017 - 9:00am

New York State Troopers On Patrol 1917-2017

Every Member of the New York State Police begins their career as a Trooper. For some, it is their only position, and they proudly retire at the same rank. For those who go into other assignments, the job as Trooper may be the time that he or she looks back at as the most rewarding.
This attractive, 240-page hard-bound publication chronicles the New York State Police’s unique history.  The story begins with two women, who were truly ahead of their time, and a man, who possessed great vision and the will to bring that vision to life.  This book is a tribute to those creative visionaries, those first Troopers who made it real, and those men and women who have proudly carried on the tradition of exemplary public service for 100 years. 
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