Brief History

two troopers and their vehiclesProudly Serving Since 1917

Since the first 232 men rode out of the New York State Fair on horseback to begin patrolling New York's rural areas, Troopers have been there to fulfill the law enforcement needs of the people of New York State with the highest degree of fairness, professionalism, and integrity.

In 1913, a construction foreman was murdered in a robbery in Westchester County. With no local police department at the time, the man’s murderers escaped, even though he identified them before he died.

The man’s employer, Miss Moyca Newell,  and her friend, author Katherine Mayo, started a movement to form a State Police department to provide police protection to all of the state's rural areas.

As the result of their efforts, the State Legislature passed legislation on April 11, 1917, that established the New York State Police as a full-service agency.
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